Transcending Transdermal Delivery

Teledyne Hanson Research, în colaborare cu Gattefossé Franța, va prezenta marți, 30 noiembrie 2021 și joi, 2 decembrie 2021, un webinar cu titlul „Transcending Transdermal Delivery”. Participarea la prezentarea de aproximativ 90 de minute este gratuită dar este necesară înregistrarea.

Subiectele webinarului și opțiunile de înregistrare sunt următoarele:


Dermal drug delivery is very challenging, and numerous strategies have been developed to overcome the skin barrier. This webinar will demonstrate the importance of formulation on skin delivery, with a strong focus on solubilizers and permeation/ penetration enhancers. The use of Franz cells diffusion system to assess the formulations will be described with detailed information on the methods.

Topics of discussion:

  • Skin barrier and strategies for enhancing drug permeation
  • Role of excipients in solubilization, permeation, and skin penetration
  • Franz cells diffusion apparatus
  • Selecting appropriate membranes: synthetic, animal, or human
  • Developing reliable and robust protocols for IVRT or IVPT
  • Case studies with model drugs


  • Dr. Ashvin Patel, Director of Analytical Research & Business Development, Teledyne Hanson
  • Elise Dauphin-Chanard, Application Lab Manager, Gattefossé
  • Bruna Lousada, European Sales & Marketing Manager, Teledyne Hanson